Expanding Melbourne's Port Capacity

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The Port of Melbourne is more than just a place for ships to load and unload - it's a vital link in a complex supply chain that creates jobs and drives the state's economic growth.

The Port is also a neighbour to many active communities and a thriving city. It's this carefully balanced blend of 'commerce and community' that makes the Port of Melbourne unique.

In announcing the expansion of Melbourne's Port Capacity, both the Government and the Port of Melbourne Corporation are committed to ensuring a positive future for local businesses, jobs and the wellbeing of the environment and neighbouring communities.

This commitment is demonstrated not only in our guarantee of openness and transparency, but also in the fact that some parts of this Project are deliberately not specified in detail therefore enabling residents, business, port users and the wider community the opportunity of helping to shape the future of the Port. Your views are not only invited, they are actively sought and genuinely welcomed.

Explore the Port - participate in the Project's consultation program and even discover some of the Port's special 'hidden places' where you can relax, enjoy and experience the real spirit of this great Port City!

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Time-lapse Video:

Watch a day in the life of Australia's largest container port

Watch a day in the life of Australia's largest container port.

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Tell us
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